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Apprenticeship training position as an Electronics Engineer

– focus on operating engineering

The apprenticeship period is 3.5 years. During this time you will learn how to maintain and repair, together with other technicians in a team, industrial equipment like that used at KRÖNER STÄRKE. Experienced electronics engineers and locksmiths will instruct you on the principles of starch processing and starch products. You will be introduced to general metal work processes; programming, configuration and parameter adjustment of systems; function checks and safety equipment and learn how to use this knowledge.  

During the entire apprenticeship, we will support multi-professional skills including learning and working methods, creativity, flexibility, teamwork abilities, independence and communication skills.

After passing the final exam successfully, you will be able to work as qualified plant electrician in the production process.

Apprenticeship period: 

3.5 years

Training sites: 

  • Electrical work shop
  • Entire production area
  • Metal works shop

Training outside the company:

RAG school complex

Vocational school:

2 days/week, Berufl. Schulen, Ibbenbüren

Training plan/

  • General metal processing
  • Testing, measurement and setting of electrical values
  • Testing and maintenance of electrical assembly units
  • Principles of pneumatics and electrical pneumatics
  • Electrical drive engineering
  • Control engineering
  • Principles of PLC
  • Industrial training, industrial and tariff law
  • Structure and organization of the training company
  • Safety and health protection
  • Environmental protection

Training goals:

The goal of this apprenticeship, which is oriented towards practical methods, is to enable trainees to work as trained industrial electrical engineers in the production process after having passed the final exam.

Sorry, the training position for 2019 has already been filled.

One of our apprentices means:

"The best thing about beeing a trained at KRÖNER-STÄRKE is the huge cooperation and the understanding among the colleagues."