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Apprenticeship training position as a Food Technician

... the multi talented in our production company!

Within the three years of dual training, we will familiarize you with the entire production process from the receiving of raw material all the way through to the dispatch of our grain-based products to the customers.

The training is multi-facetted and practice-oriented. After being integrated into a team of experienced colleagues, you will move through all of our departments. Each year of the apprenticeship period is based on a different focus with product safety, safety at work and plant hygiene taking top priorities.

During the three years you will mainly work within the entire production process. On an alternate basis you will be introduced to production and non-production sites.

For example: 

Process control
Quality control

Apprenticeship period:

3.0 years

Training sites:

  • Entire production area
  • Mixing department
  • Packaging/dispatch department
  • Electrical and metal shops
  • Laboratory/quality assurance

Vocational school:

 Vocational school of the city of Osnabrück
2 times a week; currently full time (block lessons) 

Training plan/ 

  • Quality control and analysis
  • Order acceptance, planning and organization of work
  • Preparation of raw materials, additives and semi-finished products
  • Control of production processes
  • Trouble shooting and debugging (unassisted)
  • Making available and use of packaging materials and packaging of products
  • Storage of materials and products
  • Cleaning and maintenance of equipment, machines and plants
  • Handling of food products
  • Food hygiene
  • Principles of control technology
  • Industrial training, industrial and tariff law as well as
  • Structure and organization of the training company
  • Safety and health protection at work
  • Environmental protection

Training goals:

The goal of this apprenticeship, which is oriented towards a practical approach, is to enable the trainees to work as qualified machine operators in the production process after having passed the final exam.


Sorry, the training position for 2019 has already been filled.