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Mission Statement

  • We are an economically sound, family-owned company. For generations, we have made food products in a natural way for the industry and the craft and retail trades. Openly, honestly and good.
  • We create individual solutions for safe quality and reliable processes for our customers. We are committed to taking advantage of the power of nature for delivering healthy foods that guarantee pleasure.
  • We also support our employees with their individual development and enable them to maximize their abilities within our company for the benefit of our customers.
  • We cooperate with our suppliers on a fair basis. Our Performance capabilities,competitiveness and confidence gained over the years govern our options and cooperation.
  • The shareholders act in a responsible way to promote the development and stability of the company. The basis for this is economic growth and profits.
  • KRÖNER-STÄRKE makes efficient use of all resources in order to provide a healthy environment for us and the generations to come.
  • We are independent and autonomous. We are committed to our location in the Bocketal.