Produktion von Native Stärke, Quellstärke, Weizenprotein, Quellmehle, Mischungen und Glutenfreie Produkten
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Product name: TIGEL


TIGEL is a pregelatinized, cold-water swelling wheat starch.
Selected wheat flour qualities and untreated spring water are the basis of this product.


  • Pelletized fertilizer and minerals
  • Liquid phytosanitary and fertilizing products
  • Coal briquettes and wooden pellets 
  • Mould casting in the metal and plastics processing industry
  • Adhesives and glues 


  • Improvement of briquetting, pelletizing and granulation properties of critical raw materials
  • Viscosity control and stabilization of liquid phytosanitary agents and fertilizers
  • Stabilization and strengthening of casting sand and moulds
  • Viscosity control and bulk material in adhesives and glues

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