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Production process

For the industrial production of wheat starch and wheat gluten, KRÖNER-STÄRKE only uses wheat flours with defined properties and own spring water. The flour components are separated by pure physical processes which are applied technologically. In the continuous production, a water-flour mixture is separated in a decanter centrifuge into the fractions A-starch, wheat gluten and B-starch. The B-starch is washed out from the gum-type wet gluten fraction.


is diluted with fresh water, refined, concentrated in an industrial centrifuge and finally gently dried in a stream of hot air to a water content of max. 13% prior to being ground.

Wheat gluten

is dewatered in dewatering screws, gently dried in a ring-drier and subsequently ground. The resulting product powder maintains its natural visco-elastic properties.

B-starch (pre-gelatinized starch)

is concentrated, gelatinized in steam-heated rollers, dried and subsequently ground. The cold-water swelling properties which are characteristic of this product are the result of gelatinization.

Roller drying technology

Pregelatinized flours with their characteristic cold water swelling properties are made from cereal flour (mixes) on roller dryers.

Extrusion process

Different flour and starch products are gelatinized individually or in mixtures using purely physical methods. The selected raw material is - after the addition of spring water - subjected in a cylinder to pressure, heat, shear and mixing forces and thus plasticized. Due to the heat treatment (cooking process) in the extrusion cylinder, the proteins are denatured and the starch is gelatinized. Most of the microorganisms are killed and most enzymes deactivated. When the product is discharged from the extrusion cylinder, the added water evaporates immediately due to the sudden pressure drop. The dried product is then ground.

Compared to native flours, extruded and roller-dried flours are characterized amongst other things by a distinct thickening behavior in a combination with a good swelling ability. Due to the cooking process, extruded flours are easy to digest. They are termed foodstuffs in the sense of the German Food Law.

The latest mixing technology completes our range of offers.

Good to know

  • Latest mixing technology completes our range of offers.
  • We ensure the implementation of your specific product requirements.
  • Production without micro-biocides!