Produktion von Native Stärke, Quellstärke, Weizenprotein, Quellmehle, Mischungen und Glutenfreie Produkten
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Product name: FLAKER


Flaker is a wheat flour with a flaky structure and excellent cold water binding properties. Due to its outstanding wettability it needs almost no stirring to bind large amounts of liquids in short time and forms a viscous paste.


  • Fine bakery wares
  • Dry baked goods
  • Bread and small baked goods
  • Fine yeast-raised dough
  • Potato products


  • Replacement of potato flakes in bakery goods and potato products
  • High water binding properties
  • Improves the fresh-keeping properties of baked goods
  • Excellent wettability, mixing without lumps
  • Gives liquid preparations a fine pulpy texture

Labeling recommendation:

Wheat flour

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