Produktion von Native Stärke, Quellstärke, Weizenprotein, Quellmehle, Mischungen und Glutenfreie Produkten
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Product development/research

Cooperation is important, for you and for us. This is why we assume responsibility, not only for KRÖNER-STÄRKE but also for the entire food industry. Dr Götz Kröner, CEO of our company, is also the long-standing President of the Association of Cereal Research in Detmold, and since 2012 he has also been President of the Research Group of the German Food Industry. He is dedicated to a close cooperation between industry and science with the aim of supporting pre-competitive research in Germany and throughout Europe. In this way, the German food industry, which is characterized by predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises, is able to cooperate closely with suppliers and customers, to initiate and implement research projects.

Here are three examples of projects that have been initiated in recent years or will start in the near future.

OPTIBAKE - the guar gum alternative

An extreme price increase for various raw materials such as guar gum was the reason for us looking for alternatives. With the development of OPTIBAKE, we can offer you an alternative that can be used in baked goods. OPTIBAKE ensures excellent freshness and stable volume. Contrary to guar gum, OPTIBAKE is a clean label product.

SANOSTAR - the gluten-free wheat starch!

Characterized by an excellent taste and optimum baking properties, our gluten-free wheat starch SANOSTAR is a perfect alternative for products for people suffering from coeliac disease.

Since 1996, we have systematically, ambitiously and persistently streamlined our process, always with the aim of maintaining the safe production of SANOSTAR. We can proudly say: We did it!

With no need for processing aids such as enzymes, we produce SANOSTAR in a natural process. Through the intense cooperation with patient associations, researchers and physicians, we have our share of providing information about nutritional and dietary issues.

Food safety - reliable detection of gluten

Another large research project started in autumn 2013. Cooperating with various other companies, we will develop an analysis system for the reliable detection of gluten.

Backed by this cooperation with research institutes, universities and other companies, we are well prepared to develop individual solutions for you and together with you.