Produktion von Native Stärke, Quellstärke, Weizenprotein, Quellmehle, Mischungen und Glutenfreie Produkten
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Product name: COMSTAR


COMSTAR is a native, hot water swelling wheat starch producing a reliable high viscosity. Selected wheat flour qualities and untreated spring water are the basis of this product.


  • Paper for corrugated board and waste paper recycling
  • Packaging chips and form extrudates
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Briquetting, pelletizing and agglomerating
  • Fermentation and biotechnology


  • Improvement of corrugated cardboard strength
  • Binding agent for waste paper recycling and form-extruding
  • Binding agent and bulk material in adhesives and glues
  • Increases the binding strength and abrasion-proofness of briquettes and pellets 
  • Nutrient supply for cultures 
  • Filtration aid and auxiliary mean for the processing, drying and stabilization

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