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Apprenticeship training position as an Industrial Business Management Assistant

Within the three years of dual training we will familiarize you with the various administrative fields of our company. 

Guided by our highly experienced staff in the departments of purchasing & sales/bookkeeping/marketing/quality assurance/dispatch you will learn how to handle all administrative tasks including comparison of offers, negotiating with suppliers and customers, supervising the goods received and storage sections, compiling accompanying documents, calculations, development of targeted marketing strategies, processing wages, incoming and outgoing invoices, bookkeeping and much more. 

After passing the final examination, you will be able to work as a qualified administrative clerk. 

Apprenticeship period: 

3.0 years

Training sites: 

  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Financing, accounting, controlling
  • Human resources
  • Dispatch
  • Management office

Added to that, our trainees will be introduced to our quality management system and the production process.
There is no training outside the company.

Vocational school: 

2 days/week, Kaufmännische Schulen, Ibbenbüren

Training plan/

  • Company details
  • Business processes and markets
  • Information, communication, organization of work
  • Integrative company processes
  • Procurement and storage
  • Accounting of services
  • Compilation of services
  • Human resources
  • Marketing and sales
  • Specialist tasks in selected fields

Training goals:

The training is very practice-oriented. The apprentices are trained in the individual departments in multiple work processes. 
The goal of this apprenticeship is to enable trainees to work as qualified business clerks; after passing the final exam.

Sorry the training position for 2018 has already been filled.